Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts(time machine to the past--yesterday)


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I’m here to get my randomness on…okay, okay, okay, so I'm late with this, but I'm behind with my writing so I wanted to ease the void just a little.  As Captain Dumbass so eloquently put it, “What? There's no rules here.”  Click here to visit his RTT from yesterday.

So, from Friday until Sunday evening, I was held hostage teaching malleable high school females [colorguard] drill and equipment work for this year's AHS/OHS competition field show.  The show is titled ContiNuance, with an emphasis on nuance.  This show subtlety flows through music and movement with flowing water concepts and no breaks between songs.  Our fearless leader, the indomitable Mr. H, is renowned in these parts for his innovative band show concepts.  Go back to the future for a picture of band camp on Wordless Wednesday.

I sorely regret missing the attempt to set the Guiness Simultaneous Skinny Dip Record July 11.  More on this later.

It looks like I won’t make it to the California State Fair for the first time since I moved to California.  My kids took themselves last week, so at least I don’t have mom guilt.

My son and his wife celebrated their one year anniversary on Sunday. Happy Anniversary Bubba and HA!

There is a museum in Phuket entirely dedicated to seashells (I am a rabid shell collector).

Our washer broke Friday and my husband ordered a new washer and dryer. He moved the old machines into the backyard, unaware that our 17 year old daughter had left some laundry in the dryer. It is, of course, teenage protocol, to leave your clothes in the dryer until you are ready to wear them (it’s either the bedroom floor or the dryer).  This prompted her to make some snarky comment about her family being rednecks if they have to go into the backyard to get their clothes out of the dryer.

Hubby also repainted the laundry room and loaded my favorite casino game—Fortune Pai Gow Poker--onto the computer (thank you baby).  My new laundry machines will be delivered tomorrow.  LG, I think.  The old dryer still works so if you live in Sacramento area and want to buy a reliable used dryer, send me an email. Or leave me a comment.

My 13 year old daughter’s school pictures came on a CD this year.  Hello technology!

That’s all of the randomness I can muster for now, stay tuned!

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