Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Smile Pretty for the Camera

When you're smilin', when you're smilin', the whole world smiles with you...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Snowpocalypse (NIMBY)

Here we are yet again.  Grab your coffee and throw a blanket over your knees, especially if you are currently in blizzard land.  It seems the heartland is being slammed by mother nature in what my buddy Avitable describes as Snowlocaust.  However, at my house it is 60 degrees and sunny.  Oh, and I think the wind is supposed to blow. Sometime. Today. Maybe.  Lalalalala (I think I just heard a telepathic collective "SHUT UP" from my family members who live in Oklahoma)

I have pledged my loyalty to Keely.  She leads us through the valley of random, and I fear no evil, because her zombie-thwarting skills are tops. Click on the button below to read about her latest zombiequest adventures at BlissDom.


February snuck up on me, how about you?  Oh, you are organized and have a good grip on reality?  How's that working for ya? Wow, did that sound sarcastic?  Sorry, I'm actively torturing myself trying to lose a few pounds and the first few days make me testy punchy stabby edgy.

This weekend I made mango bread.  It was pretty good and I used this recipe: Chinky's Mango Bread except I didn't add the raisins, and I used mango from a jar. Still, it turned out well and my husband and kid and the dog and I ate two loaves in two days.


I saw a great documentary about the first notable deaf major league baseball player Dummy Hoy.  Don't go all politically correct on me about the inappropriateness of calling a deaf person "dummy".  He lived in a different era, and that is the name that he himself chose to use.  His story is fascinating even if you aren't a big sports fan.

Hubs, Kisa and I watched "The Social Network" last night.  It was good and I can see why it is up for some awards.  We have Temple Grandin on deck for the next viewing.  I try to see the various award-nominated movies each year.

I do the Twitter thang and I love how restaurants seem to know that I am a glutton love food.  So they follow me.  And, I usually follow them back.  Black Bear Diner in Sacramento is the latest of my food groupies, so on Sunday, when a friend invited Hubby and I to dine there, I was eager to check it out.  I'll put my stamp on the place for good food, good prices and great service.  In fact, the services was so great, that they let us sit undisturbed and immersed in conversation for twenty minutes after they closed.  It was then that I happened to notice the restaurant was empty and some of the waitresses were sitting in a back booth counting their tips.  Doh!  The staff was very gracious as we paid and scooted out the door. (Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any manner by Black Bear Diner.  I'm sure they don't even know I write a blog).

Well peeps, I gots stuffs to do.  To all my homeys is the snow zone, eat lots of oreos and drink lots of wine stay warm and safe.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Fun Family Fotos

nuff said

in our family, this is known as game face

proof that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - What Does Your Dog Taste Like?

I don't know why my kid always has her tongue out in pictures. Teenagers--sheesh!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Schizorandom

Keely and world domination.  I should be so lucky to be one of her minions.  If you want to worship at the cult of Keely go here or click the button to be whisked magically away. It will make you younger and thinner...and prettier (would I lie?).


Well, well, well, here it is Tuesday--again.  Every week like clockwork.  Dang punctual if you ask me.   For me, Tuesday means torturing teaching teenagers at winterguard rehearsal.  Someone has to so it might as well be me.

My oranges are just about ready.  They are still slightly too tart for my taste, but soon orangeapalooza in my backyard!  Oranges are my all time favorite food (sorry chocolate, I love you but not quite as much).

Last Saturday, I put my kid on a plane back to the heartland to start her freshman spring semester.  She had a fantastic fall and spring looks promising!  My Hubby's buddy Bob arrived the same day.  Bob is a world-traveling geocache addict expert.  They are off boozing and gambling in Reno discovering geocaches as we speak. 

Confession time--I have some quirky and weird unique ideas and opinions.  For example, I really don't like watching videos online.  I really really don't.  I'd much rather read a news story or tutorial than listen and watch someone present the information in a video.  I find I'm not alone in this--my husband is the same way.  If I want to watch a video, then I have my TV.  I guess that means I'm old and crotchety not embracing technology as much as others.  DON'T JUDGE ME!

I also have an addiction to a little thing for the strike through code.

Regis is retiring.  I'm going to miss him.

Oh the sun is shining!  I've barely seen it in over a week. We have had lots of fog here.  I'm going outside to play in the garden and enjoy it while I can.  Later taters!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Speaking of Which


First things first. Gotta give props, click on Keely's fugly button above (her description, not mine) and check out her randomness.  It's randomly random aka awesomely awesome!

So....(sheepish side step to the right) how you doin?  Me, well I could be here all day if I start that business.  But anyway...

Kids, school, colorguard, holidays, blah, blah, blah.  Speaking of colorguard, we are officially up and running with our winterguard season.  Our show is going a different direction from previous years.  The past two years have been slow, balladish (I made up that word) and poignant.  This year, I wanted to change it up, so we are going with an up-tempo, more butch industrial/techno show so that we don't get pigeon-holed into one set style.  I think it's a good way to keep it interesting and teach my guardie youngsters to embrace change.  I am blessed to have my daughter home from college for another ten days, to help design and teach the show.  Speaking of which...

My kid had a banner first semester of college.  She managed to get all A's and a B, while maintaining a rigorous schedule as part of the OU Pride Colorguard.  She's had a whirlwind break, first flying home then flying back to go to the Fiesta Bowl, and today she flies home again then flies back and starts spring semester in a few weeks.  I am so incredibly proud of her, and to boot, she wrote me the sweetest letter a few months ago.  I can't ask for more, speaking of which...

She is the third of my four children.  They are all in various states of the education process.  They are all happy, healthy and succeeding in their academic pursuits.  I am incredibly proud of all of them, I am so very
blessed.  Speaking of which...

My husband and I just celebrated six wonderful years of marriage.  Nine plus years of this segment of the relationship and thirty-five years of being soul-mates.  If you do the math, yes, we were eleven when he sent me the note in world studies class and I circled yes.  We've only been coupled just over eleven of those years--collectively.  But we do have an enduring love that has lasted all thirty-five years.  In total, it's a cool story which he thinks we should peddle to Lifetime.  He is full of ideas, speaking of which...

He writes a blog!  It is frank, often humorous, insightful, and politically incorrect.  Now, he and I and two of our kids write blogs.  The dog will probably soon be writing one too.  Speaking of which...

Sarah the dog is happy and healthy.  For a diabetic dog, she has beat all the projections.  Our vet is amazed that she isn't blind, but so far, her eyesight seems great.  Except...a few weeks ago, during the lunar eclipse, she decided to chase a cat...that turned out to be a skunk.  Maybe the eyesight ain't so great, hmmmmm.  I was awakened by my frantic husband to assist with the de-skunking.  It was not fun for us or for her.  Somehow, I suspect she didn't learn to leave skunks alone.  We are all being more diligent about when and where she is off-leash.  Speaking of which...

That's all the random I can spare today.  I must dive head-first into my task list.  Toodles!