Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Holy Soapbox Batman


This week's randomness is about a place where I told my husband that I would not go.  The intent of my blog is not to bitch, but now I'm renegging on the no-bitching edict I set for myself.  Two topics I generally avoid are religion and politics.  I consider those subjects highly personal and never come away with good feelings after discussing them.  And I do mean never.  BUT,  I have seen and read some things lately that quite frankly leave me feeling cold and dirty.

A friend on Facebook posted the following: "No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick.  If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day."

Now, it did not say, "if you agree with this, you should support socialized medicine", but look at the very essence of the message without reading the political implications. (Go ahead, I'll wait while you re-read it)

No one should die or go broke because they get sick.  Walk a mile in the moccasins, folks; and yes, I was uninsured years ago and know of which I speak.  For those of you about to get up in arms and up in my face with the but, but, buts and Obama the Socialist, stop and think about what you know about the government sponsored programs in this country.  THINK ABOUT IT.  Per an eloquent comment left at Citizen of the Month, we've had socialized medicine for years.  Can you say Medicare?  What do you think that is?  I am willing to bet many critics of healthcare reform will run right out and sign up for Medicare as soon as they are eligible. And Medicaid?  How many of you realize that many states have converted Medicaid to privately funded HMOs?  Additionally, if you are active or retired military personnel, you already are using socialized medicine.  VA and military hospitals and physicians are paid by and work for the government. So does already utilizing socialized medicine make us a socialized country?  The answer is no.  Last time I checked, we were not the United Socialist Republic of America.

However, I don't think private insurance should be eliminated completely.  It should be available to those who cannot stomach the public health plan and have the means to purchase it.  Canada and New Zealand have private insurance options in lieu of public healthplans and/or as additional supplements.  And elective surgeries, especially cosmetic, are almost never covered by insurance, so the cosmetic surgery industry probably won't notice any change.

So now you are thinking that I am an Obama supporter promoting socialized medicine.  But you would be wrong.  What I have just written seems pro-socialized medicine, but in reality, I believe I am just giving more word space to the side that I feel has been under and misrepresented.  I did so to encourage you to not jump into the fear-mongering feeding frenzy.  My only goal here is to encourage everyone to become informed and educated and to stop assuming that change=bad.  Our system is broken.  We need to fix it.  If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

Next item up for bid...

I recently read this article "Marcos Breton: Obama speech boycott teaches ugly lesson".  Parents are pulling their children out of school to "protect" them from President Obama's Address.  Really people???? You are missing the perfect opportunity.  Parents should take the time to sit down with their children and discuss what they saw and heard.  Then, while you have the floor and your child's full attention, talk to them about how you feel about political issues and why you believe and support your specific position.  It is a perfect teaching opportunity people!  Like sex ed, you are making a mistake if you ignore the subject of politics or try to "protect" your child by keeping them from the information.  Plus, look at it this way.  The children who remained in school and saw the speech are going to give your child their bastardized version of it on the playground, on the bus, and in the lunch room.  Is that really your preference?  If you care so much about your views and ideals why are you not actively sharing them with your kids?

Like sex, you give children information that is appropriate for their age without scaring them.  It's the responsible thing to do and to not do so means one thing (I am going to say it people) you are a lazy parent.  The most responsible thing you can do is to adequately prepare your child to deal with the world around them.  This includes the political world.  If you do not talk to your kids about politics and instead send them as a novice 18 year old voter to the polling place--ill equipped to vote--then you have done them a grave disservice.  You cannot instill the most basic essential political ideals ten minutes before they pull the lever or punch the chad.

So, unless you prefer them to be apathetic or better yet, develop radical opinions that don't jive with the morals and ideals that you want them to take with them into adulthood, you need to start talking to your kids about politics, not keeping it from them.  You cannot teach your kids patriotism without including politics in that lesson.

One foot off the soapbox.  I did not vote for Obama, but the hate mongering against him is despicable.  Now go read something more amusing at The Un Mom.


  1. Yeah, I was baffled by the Facebook thing too. A) It's hardly the platform for rabble-rousing and B) I'm Canadian and so are most of my friends. I felt like changing my status to read, uh...you guys realize what you're rallying support for something you already HAVE, right?

    But another friend changed hers to something very sarcastic in response and saved me the bother ;)

  2. I saw that status going around. I avoid all things political.