Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Smile Pretty for the Camera

When you're smilin', when you're smilin', the whole world smiles with you...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Snowpocalypse (NIMBY)

Here we are yet again.  Grab your coffee and throw a blanket over your knees, especially if you are currently in blizzard land.  It seems the heartland is being slammed by mother nature in what my buddy Avitable describes as Snowlocaust.  However, at my house it is 60 degrees and sunny.  Oh, and I think the wind is supposed to blow. Sometime. Today. Maybe.  Lalalalala (I think I just heard a telepathic collective "SHUT UP" from my family members who live in Oklahoma)

I have pledged my loyalty to Keely.  She leads us through the valley of random, and I fear no evil, because her zombie-thwarting skills are tops. Click on the button below to read about her latest zombiequest adventures at BlissDom.


February snuck up on me, how about you?  Oh, you are organized and have a good grip on reality?  How's that working for ya? Wow, did that sound sarcastic?  Sorry, I'm actively torturing myself trying to lose a few pounds and the first few days make me testy punchy stabby edgy.

This weekend I made mango bread.  It was pretty good and I used this recipe: Chinky's Mango Bread except I didn't add the raisins, and I used mango from a jar. Still, it turned out well and my husband and kid and the dog and I ate two loaves in two days.


I saw a great documentary about the first notable deaf major league baseball player Dummy Hoy.  Don't go all politically correct on me about the inappropriateness of calling a deaf person "dummy".  He lived in a different era, and that is the name that he himself chose to use.  His story is fascinating even if you aren't a big sports fan.

Hubs, Kisa and I watched "The Social Network" last night.  It was good and I can see why it is up for some awards.  We have Temple Grandin on deck for the next viewing.  I try to see the various award-nominated movies each year.

I do the Twitter thang and I love how restaurants seem to know that I am a glutton love food.  So they follow me.  And, I usually follow them back.  Black Bear Diner in Sacramento is the latest of my food groupies, so on Sunday, when a friend invited Hubby and I to dine there, I was eager to check it out.  I'll put my stamp on the place for good food, good prices and great service.  In fact, the services was so great, that they let us sit undisturbed and immersed in conversation for twenty minutes after they closed.  It was then that I happened to notice the restaurant was empty and some of the waitresses were sitting in a back booth counting their tips.  Doh!  The staff was very gracious as we paid and scooted out the door. (Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any manner by Black Bear Diner.  I'm sure they don't even know I write a blog).

Well peeps, I gots stuffs to do.  To all my homeys is the snow zone, eat lots of oreos and drink lots of wine stay warm and safe.