Thursday, September 10, 2009

A promise is a promise...

I follow my fair share of blogs and admire all of my fellow writers.  My list is "eclectic" for lack of a better word (hold the groans til the end please).  Last week, I read a post at Citizen of the Month that gave me pause.  It seemed that the writer, Neil, had lost some of his inspiration mojo and received just the right kind of direct order encouragement that he needed from a cyber dominatrix lovely female Twitter follower.  She advised Neil to blog every day for the month of September and he in return asked to be rewarded with...wait for it...her bra size.

Now, good ole Neil took some flack from his  pervy friends male buddies who felt he should have gotten more of a (ahem) money shot--the top kind.  However, I personally felt completely enlightened as to how to torture the hell out of encourage other bloggers in their hour of need.  Then on Tuesday, I lit up my blog with a major PMS rant.  Full on bitch fest and finger pointing.  Shame on me.  Neil could have really rubbed my nose in it.  Instead, he wrote a great piece that humbled me and made me find the error of my ways all on my own ( and really made me smirk and laugh, cause he's so good at that and it's why I love his blog).  To show my gratitude, I promised to show Neil my boobs today.  And here they are:

Yes, those ARE my boobs.  As promised, I'm showing them and if you look closely at my shirt, you will see that I desperately need them to keep my bra from collapsing. My former nice Double D's went away when I lost 147 lbs.  Boobs are almost all fat, so if you lose a lot of fat, well they pretty much go away.  As a bonus for Neil, the current size is 34B so you don't have to guess.  There now, I hope I have inspired not only Neil but anyone else who may have lost their blogging mojo.   For those of you looking to buy your own chicken cutlets boobs, I purchased these at Fredericks of Hollywood.  If anyone has other dumbass ideas great suggestions for inspiration and encouragement, please tell someone else let me know.

PS @ Neil, sorry this is so late, but life got in the way today.  AND it is still Thursday on the West Coast, so technically I met the deadline.  Cheers


  1. Can I have asked for a better post?!

  2. This is great! I so love that and really did not expect to see your boobs. Looking forward to playing in our FF league.

    BTW - Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. That is a wicked clever and funny post NeCole! And thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself - what a great idea to visit all the other Fantasy Football ladies. After my beatdown this weekend I am not looking at my team again for a few days *hanging head in shame*