Friday, March 22, 2013

I Am Back and Ready to Ride

Has it really been two years since I last blogged here?  I lost my blogging mojo back then and just could not find the drive to get back to it.  I did, however, miss it and now I finally feel the desire once again.  Much has changed; and some things--not at all.  I will be posting about all of it, eventually.  I am involved in some exciting new activities and I want to share much of it with you.

I will be brief for now, just to kick-start this space back into the thriving craziness that embodies my thoughts, feelings, wishes, desires, compulsions--you get the idea.

I have so much I want to share--both joys and sorrows, though the sorrows will be few; as I do not dwell for long in the land of darkness, I only occasionally pass through it and acknowledge it briefly.  I am trying to do some good things in the world--be a good listener/leader/follower; a good wife/mother/sister/friend.  I am trying new things, re-trying old things, taking risks, seeking enlightenment and generally, enjoying life.  I hope you are too and that something here may occasionally strike a note of concordance.  And if not, hopefully you will just be entertained.

Anyway,  I will ask forgiveness for my delinquency and move forward with hope and the challenge to convey that which compels me at any given time--read at your own risk.  I welcome comments and contradicting opinions, but if you troll me, then you will be booted back under the bridge.

Cheers to a new stream of consciousness to be published here!


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