Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Let It Snow


The Un Mom is sippin on (no not gin and juice) hot chocolate and peppermint schnappes.  It makes for some "spirited" randomness.

I've beeen writing a series of daily (M-F) posts about my weight loss experience, but today I'm taking a little break for RTT.  I will resume the weight loss posts tomorrow.  In the mean time, if you want to get caught up, you can read I II and III.

It actually snowed at my house on Monday morning.  This was the first time it snowed since I moved here.  Granted, it was only a dusting but still, I found myself in awe.  We prefer to visit the snow and usually have to go a half hour or an hour up the hill to visit it.  But it finally visited us.

Saturday, my baby turned 14 (sniff, sniff).  She had a sleepover with a handful of friends.  All of the girls (including mine) had sweet and innocent personas that they projected until they decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. Then they came screaming and laughing into the house because they had placed two of the neighbor's Christmas reindeer in the humping position.  Ah youth--I gave them a gentle lecture about "other people's property" but couldn't help laughing because my sense of humor is so low brow.

My son started college this week (Yay Bubba!).  He and his wife HA and my granddaughter Miss Honey Bee, are now 1253 miles closer to me but they are still 1771.59 miles away (according to Mapquest).  Like his mother, Bubba got the baby, marriage, college process in reverse order, but hey look how great I turned out (insert your own personal snark here). He did choose wisely though, I adore my DIL and my granddaughter is adorable and sweet.

My oldest daughter HNH is getting her own preview of parenthood.  She adopted a Pomeranian puppy named Tobias and I understand he is keeping her up nights.

My grandmother had her toe amputated last week.  She is a diabetic and 85 years old.  There was concern at one point that she might need to have her leg removed below the knee.  Luckily, it was just the toe.

As I sit here at the desk, typing, away, I'm waiting on the FedEx man to deliver  a new lamp for our big screen TV.  I'm the only one in the house who hasn't missed the big TV.  Surprisingly though, the kids haven't commandeered the other TV, so maybe I'm not the only one not missing it.  My husband, however, is wringing his hands.  He also has a crazy look in his eye and talks about going bowling (who knew that TV withdrawal could lead to a bowling obsession).  If you were going to suggest that I try distracting him with sex, I've already tried that.  If he would pass out like most men do afterward, it would work.  I happen to have married a man who immediately following sex, is always energized and wants to go to Vegas.  You heard me correctly, LAS VEGAS NEVADA.  It's only an 8 hour drive.  Sex doesn't make him beat on his chest and proclaim that he is "the man".  For some reason, it makes him want to gamble.  I have yet to figure it all out.  He has yet to actually ever get up and drive to Vegas after sex, but we have hopped in the car and drove to Reno (only a two hour drive) occasionally.  I don't ask, I just enjoy the "ride" ( I can hear you groaning)

My Christmas tree is nine feet tall and artificial.  Two of my children are allergic to evergreen trees ( a real bummer) and so we've had artificial trees for many years.  I miss the scent of a fresh tree and pine scented candles just smell too much like Pine Sol to me.  

Random schmandom, I've got stuff to do.  See ya later.

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