Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I enjoy reading RTT by other bloggers I admire (Momspective, The Un Mom, Us and Them, just to name a few), so I plan to make this part of my weekly features as well.  I read a wide variety of blogs and will eventually refer to each of them, but there are too many to effectively list altogether here at this time.  I shamelessly stole the graphic from The Un Mom, but the code was right there for the picking--intentionally placed there by her--and actually links to her site.

Some randomness that amuses me and some random facts about me that will serve as fodder for future blogs:

Spiders on drugs make weird variations of webs, check it out

My grandma celebrated her 85th birthday by becoming a Harley biker girl for a day(a post on this will be forthcoming)

I have a “temporary” prep for a crown that will be finished by my lovely dentist in two and half weeks

I’m a grandmother (if you’d just read my profile, you would know that already, geez) 

The Four Corners Monument is actually in the right place after all.

My dog has diabetes and we give her an insulin injection twice a day. She actually uses Humulin and we buy it at our pharmacy. It makes me smile every time the pharmacy clerk asks for the patient’s name and I have to say “Sarah Dog Scott”

Stain removal is one of my hobbies

I consider myself an ice cream snob connoisseur as I have eaten ice cream in many places, including some in foreign countries. My favorite is made with saffron, pistachios and rosewater and it is unbelievably good.

I used to be a Deputy Coroner (and yes, I wore a gun for my job)

Cocoa bean mulch smells like chocolate(of course, duh) 

I placed ninth in the Rio Vista Bass Derby in 2004.

My mother is an identical twin

I spent quite a bit of time, researching blogs, but could really use some pointers (shameless begging aimed at seasoned bloggers). Any of you who would be interested in taking me under your wing and being my blog mentor, please let me know. I welcome any and all criticism advice (I just started playing around with McLinky and I'm not sure I have the hang of it yet or fully understand the implications).


  1. Your Grandma sounds AWESOME.

    when my dog was on anxiety meds, they would always call out the patient name as "Dogs name" "My Last Name". It was...disconcerting.

    What is this McLinky of which you speak?

  2. My grandma is awesome, I hope to still get on a Harley at 85. The McLinky(of which I spoke)is the one to display links to other blogs and I plan to participate in Wordless Wednesday. So...I'm still trying to figure these things out and make them part of my blog. At best, I've only managed to build draft templates so that I don't have to cut and paste the same code each time. Funding is an issue at this time, so I can't throw a bunch of money at upgrades(but later, hopefully). I'm still learning about the "Ad" placement options and would like to use ads, but I really need more info.♠

  3. Doh! Mister Linky Mister Linky, not McLinky, see I need help ;-)